A tale of two phone versions: The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge...

A tale of two phone versions: The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge images leaked


Another version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 was due out this coming week. According to reports from a verified source, there won’t be one version, but two styles of the phone. With all its flaws, my obtaining the Galaxy S3 was something of a blessing. Two years ago, Verizon sold my version and everything above starting at $250. Having seen the his phone when my brother came for Christmas last year was even better only if the extra features were needed. Imagine having two versions from which to choose?

That was exactly what users were to get when they pre-registered for the phone, according to a Reddit post from someone identified as ‘a verified worker’ from Sprint. The choice was to have been made through a screen shot of either the S6 or S6 Edge. There were differences between the two phones other than the name of course. The S6 had the usual front screen similar framework. The S6 Edge was somewhat bent on the opposite ends. It will have the tagline ‘six appeal’ at the T-Mobile site.

Apparently, sales of the Samsung Galaxy S5 hadn’t sold very well mainly because it was similar to the previous S4. The company was hoping to regain their losses with these two newer versions of the S6. My brother’s Galaxy Note Edge looked like the old pocket calculator with the case included.

My Galaxy S3 was part of my life. It kept up with my appointments, when using the calendar, it allowed me to play games, and keep up with friends and page activity on social media. My sister was concerned about there not being anything in between my Nokia 6010 and the smart phone used by me now. A lot of people were still using it. It was almost like it had always been with me. Like the two new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, It was sure to become the sales hit for Samsung