Aftermath: What’s next for the United Kingdom?

Aftermath: What’s next for the United Kingdom?


The world watched in awe as the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union last Thursday night.  What lies ahead for them and America?  The EU didn’t seem so united. Stocks on both sides of the Atlantic plummeted, even the British pound on this news.  The questions continue, even after the resignation of the Prime Minister

Instead of a victory, England woke up this morning with a buster of a headache. The Bristish pound fell hard against the dollar. Also, it reached its lowest point since George Michael had a hit single. The Dow Jones took a hit here too, falling 30% at the shock on  the news in the UK that they voted to leave the EU.The problem was more than the falling pound though.  What affect would this have on both England ad the EU as well as America?

Further reading on the United Kingdom from The Huffington Post:

Brexit’s Lessons In Improbability

As long as England remained outside the EU, Armageddon wasn’t to take place. The EU was the beginning of the one world government  needed to usher that in along with the antichrist too.

Intertwining issues facing the United Kingdom

Right now, the United Kingdom and a few other European countries wanted a complete break from the EU. There were others that hoped that talks to stop England from leaving would work. The biggest problem with the whole thing was Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. Until now, it has ever been used To further compound the problem, if England were to leave the EU, it would make it harder for workers under that umbrella to move freely in Britain. It would also break a campaign promise of limits on immigration.

Would a complete break actually happen? Not unless they can avoid the above controversies. Either way, it left the United Kingdom looking very weak standing alone on the world stage. America already had its weakness in how it dealt with foreign policy, particularly the issue of immigration and terrorism. At least England was ot to have a ‘lame duck’ Prime Minister for long. The incoming one was to deal with this controversy.

Only time will tell what the effect will be.