Alzheimer’s treatments look promising

Alzheimer’s treatments look promising


The breakthroughs in fighting the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease are great this week. First, CBN News reported on the 36 factors affecting Alzheimers Disease. Then, a report today on CNN stated that a new drug destroying plaque on the brain of those in the early stage might change the outcome of those affected. While this is too late for the late Gene Wilder, these two breakthroughs looked promising for those in the earliest stages.

According to the CBN report, the debilitating disease is reversible, even avoidable if the current study produces actual results based on 36 factors. These factors must be researched in order to get to the root of the problem to find a cause. Things like diet and lifestyle are considered. Wouldn’t it be something if they found out the cause is due to sleep deprivation or eating too much processed sugar?

The beauty of discovering the cause is, that the person affected can change his lifestyle and or diet as needed to reverse the process. Right now, the developed drugs only worked on the symptoms. It seemed to me that a lot of the studies are hitting the rim, but missing the basket. The report read by me last month was scary because the writer, a doctor, sounded gloomy, almost apocalyptic when anyone got a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. Well now, there’s more that just a ‘faint chance’. The light just got brighter with these two findings.

Everyone knew the effects of a poor diet had on the brain, especially excessive intake of sugar. Among other things, like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, sugar played a major role in the development of Alzheimer’s Disease. More than half of the population in the U.S were resistant to insulin. This made them carry extra weight around the middle. According to some of the infomercials seen on late night television, this was a major reaso why losing weight was a problem or men and women with this condition.

Most of the time, a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s meant a death sentence. Drugs offered relief,but they only worked on symptoms, not the cause of the disease. This new drug honed in on deadly plague on the brain by destroying it. This drug,called aducanumab, is administered monthly for a whole year by infusion. It removed these hurtful toxins found in the brain. Well, if oatmeal removed plaque in the arteries, this drug worked something like that. It stopped the nerve cells from being interrupted by the plaque.

Thankfully, those 36 points might be able to help with the type of foods and what to change in their life to reverse Alzheimer’s Disease without the use of drugs. Only time will tell if these new developmental work with patients suffering from this disease.




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