Ana: Down’s Syndrome did not stop her dancing

Ana: Down’s Syndrome did not stop her dancing


When videos like this were made showing someone with a disability doing what they love made me happy. What makes it even better was that she had a persistent parent who refused to give up. Because Ana, who had Down’s Syndrome, was unable to keep up with other people in her dance class at another dancing studio, she was turned away.

According to one article, her mother said one of the dancing studios refused her because she didn’t meet their qualifications. This blogger thought she put a lot of those able-bodied people to shame. The video showed she knew how to dance copying her teacher’s moves. She can shake her shimmy pretty well too. So much for the bad experience with the dancing studio that refused her because she was below par.

Ana loved music and dancing. The search for a dance studio was made easier when, on a friend’s advice, Ana’s mom contacted Amanda’s Academy of Dance. The founder believed anyone should’ve been allowed to dance given a chance. Ana made a lot of friends in class and the teacher enjoyed her too. She learned a lot also. My admiration was Ana’s determination to dance. She had the independent spirit shared by me, not giving up when encountering a barrier.

That wasn’t the case with me all the time, growing up before the ADA Law and full Inclusion in the schools was more difficult. Playing the clarinet in junior high singing in the choir in high school was fun. Finding a job was hard enough, in music, it was a lot harder. The starting point was two hours away in Dallas, Texas. The closest thing to singing was recorded videos on my phone for my friend overseas. The audition for a spot on a record label created by The Housing Authority on the Eastside didn’t materialize because they never came to hear me audition.

While dancing wasn’t my forte, my admiration went out to both mother and daughter. Ana found confidence in the year she spent at the academy and now prepares for her first competition. Maybe by the time she graduates, the barrier holding some back would not be there to stop those with special needs. Ana was certainly on her way to a great career in dancing.