Android phone users beware of the latest hackers

Android phone users beware of the latest hackers


While Apple was introducing a new iPhone 5 among other products, Android phone users were worried about the latest hackers. According to a research paper by a Cyber firm NorthBit, it affected android phones 2.2 to 4.0 and 5.0 to 5.1 . Apparently, it used infected online video files to spy on the user.

Like everyone else, my next question was why the hackers did this? Well, it was almost impossible to hack into an iPhone, some users cried foul when the FBI wanted to use a program of their own creation to unlock the encrypted iPhone of the California incident that killed 14. The courts were still deciding the legality of this too. This blogger still thought that since the two were deceased, their rights didn’t matter since they committed a terrorist act.

Instead of doing things the old fashioned way, hackers used the online shipping servers to get their manifests. That way, they were able to see whether the cargo was valuable to them or not. Remember the petroleum that was stolen a while back? Well, hackers also were able to use computer servers where personal information from one’s phone were stored too. This would scare anyone who had information someone wanted. Thankfully, not all people had things like that to hide as if their personal information wasn’t a major concern

Even though the damage had to occur when one visited and downloaded an infected video, there was some good news, if one could call it that. The hackers had to design it for the operating system and phone type one used. The worst of these phones were not limited to the above list. Other phones vulnerable to these hackers were:  Nexus 5” with stock operating system,  it also worked after a little modification,  on HTC One, LG G3 and Samsung S5.

The Android Marshmellow 6 was not affected, though.