Apple took too many ‘low blows’ to recoup losses

Apple took too many ‘low blows’ to recoup losses


Apple just lost $123 billion in value. [VIDEO]

Adding to the slow sales of smart phones, Morgan Stanley reduced its projections for smart phone sales. This was a reverse of what watchers were expecting. Big returns from Christmas sales made a jump in revenue, boosting last quarter percentages. It seemed to me that black Friday sales were better than those in the middle of December. Were sales and Apple stock going to rebound with ten shopping days left? These watchers were expecting shipments of their brand to fall an additional 6%.

My biggest problem was trying to use the iPod Nano my mother bought me for my birthday one year. The problem was downloading the music from my dying desktop She replaced it with an mp3 player that was used so often, that it died. It became so old that the battery wouldn’t hold a charge. My smartphone was great until the use of third-party apps drained my battery while listening to my music.

The only time this blogger actually used Apple products  if they were around. The last time they were used was when one of the local Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs needed my services as a volunteer tutor. My brother threatened bodily harm if either of my desktop or laptop computers had that logo on them.He was well versed in \Microsoft programing, not Apple. When purchasing this current laptop, there was nothing to unlearn or refamiliarize myself with. Even with Windows 10, the language was easier to follow than that of an Apple computer.

One thing Apple had in its favor though. My boss told me the brand had less computer hang ups and computer glitches than its Microsoft competitor. They were less apt to have computer malware, adware, trojans or other types of viruses. It didn’t stop my sister’s friends from swapping their iPhone to a smart phone as she did.

It didn’t look like all the losses mentioned were going to be regained. The brand took too many knocks below the belt.