Cause of Taiwan plane crash not known

Cause of Taiwan plane crash not known


My condolences went out to families of the 26 victims in the latest plane crash over a river in Taiwan. This was the third bad plane crash reported in as many months. Apparently this was one of many bad plane crashes that occurred in the last year.

While the reason behind the latest crash was still being investigated, several from the past year were too, no one should be afraid to fly. It was still one of the safest ways to travel.

There were several reasons for planes that crash:

  • Pilot error/malpractice Airlines flight MH370
  • Mechanical malfunction
  • Weather TransAsia Airways flight GE222 a typhoon in Taiwan Air Algerie AH5017,
  • Shot down over restricted air space flight MH17

The good news was, although these flights met with a tragic end, the causes of these disasters were all from different causes. If they all had the same thing happened it would’ve been easier finding a pattern. While deaths like this were always bad. At least nothing listed was because of a terrorist attack or mechanical failure. More good news, there were steps being put in place to avoid the shooting down of airplanes that flew into restricted airspace.

With the latest crash, fifteen people were rescued and at least 18 were missing from the 58 passenger plane. The death toll was expected to rise as the rescue/recovery efforts continued. The flight recorder offered nothing that indicated why the plane was in trouble. The cause of the crash was not known at this time.