Damage control: RNC braces as day four approaches

Damage control: RNC braces as day four approaches


With all the uproar over Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech and now the trouble Ted Cruz’s speech caused when he said, Vote your conscience, would have anyone wondering what awaited on day four of the RNC. More internal drama, perhaps? It seemed to me that the RNC isn’t all that united, judging by the two incidents so far.

The RNC: Melania Trump speech

Melania Trump

Even though reports surfaced on the campaign speech writer coming forward to apologize yesterday, the digital footprint is cast, the harm is done. The media called Melania on this already. How could they have not known the speech is plagiarized? The Huffington Posthighlighted the four or five places where the speech from 2008 is exact.

At least my college professors knew when the wool is pulled over their eyes. I mean, they keep copies of previous term papers or use Copyscape for crying out loud. With all the help out there, why didn’t they use it to stop this? It could save all this embarrassment. With the written statement by Meredith Melver, there isn’t any move to fire the person involved. Donald Trumprejected her resignation, saying “We all make mistakes,” but he hasn’t let up on his attacks against his opponent.

The RNC: Ted Cruz speech

Now the media call Ted Cruz’s speech at the RNC, Wednesday night vindictive. After seeing the report this morning as to why it happened, I’m inclined to disagree with these reports. Apparently, there have been attacks on his wife and father by the Trump camp. If my family are threatened like that over what I wrote, I’d be put off by this too. I don’t believe the claim his dad had anything to do with the assassination of JFK. Hate the sin, love the sinner.

Frankly, this blogger applauds anyone who refuses to become a ‘yes man‘ to any would be president. Remember the late C. Everett Koop, United States Surgeon General (1982–1989)? Mom said he resigned his position for that reason. Well, Cruz’s vote isn’t solid either, as the media already wrote the epitaph for the Dump Trump movement months ago. His vote for opponent Hillary Clinton isn’t a sure thing either. Koop had more class when he resigned. Trump still had too many personalities that remained uncovered. One never knew which was in front of the microphone.

The RNC: Damage control

The media said, with these two actions, there is damage to the RNC. How much damage remained unknown. This blogger wonders what the headlines read after tonight’s broadcast on NBC? This blogger predicted more drama lie ahead for the RNC tonight. If they kept making mistakes like this, their party isn’t going to “Make America Great Again”. It’s firm foundation took a major hit with both Melania’s and Cruz’s speeches so far. The media wrote things off too quickly. According to the media, Cruz wouldn’t make the RNC nomination in 2020 because of this, but a lot can happen in four years.