Distraction: Skirt’s length wasn’t the only problem

Distraction: Skirt’s length wasn’t the only problem


My agreement with Erykah Badu was twofold concerning the length of girls’ skirts in high school. Girls needed protection too. A father should watch what their son wore also. When attending high school myself, the student handbook stated what was allowed regarding the regulation of girls skirts. Short skirts were not allowed any higher than three inches above the knee. The skirt should touch the floor or cover the head of the face on a one dollar bill when kneeling.

Ms. Badu was not ‘slut shaming’ when she spoke out against this. When in school, that was a place to learn. If the young men weren’t allowed to wear shirts with advertisements on them like beer or wine, or saggy pants that showed their underwear or worse, than the girls should have skirts that cover their behinds when they bend over to pick something up.

I like what Henry Winkler said as ‘Fonzie’ on “Happy Days” when talking to Joanie about the way she was dressed, in a tight biker outfit with overdone makeup, “You put out an advertisement like that, someone might answer the ad.’  Ritchie and his friends took a beating to save Joanie from being hurt by those bikers that wanted more than a kiss.

Distractions weren’t just for the male or female teaching population, but for the male and female student population too. Both sets still had hormones that were sparked by clothing that showed off someone’s chest or bottom. It wasn’t just the length of the skirt, but how the outfit looked in general. If the curves were accentuated, that set them off also.  Several people have told me that girls were turned on by the shape of a boys’ behind, especially with tight fitting jeans on.  Showing the crease of their bottom was the icing on the cake to some.

Working at the Eastside Girls’ and Boys’ Club and the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs in town, they did not allow saggy pants or Daisy Duke outfits to be worn. One young lady wore a jumper that slid around a lot showing her bra because the top of the outfit was too big. A shirt would have fixed this. The assistant director told her not to wear that outfit again.

One of my friends told me that those that wore saggy pants with their undeSaggy pantsrwear or  back end exposed made them “available’ if they were in prison. While my nephew stated he hoped never to end up in the penitentiary, It might do so for those outside of the prison also. This statement was not exclusively a ‘guy thing’. The sad fact was that girls were mimicking this style of dress too.

Ms. Badu was fully within her right to set limits for both her high school aged girls. They were still allowed to wear what they wanted, but they knew the consequences of their actions with shorter than permitted skirts or anything else against the school dress code considered a distraction. Boys’ needed protecting too.