Facebook, Google nudity content policies compared

Facebook, Google nudity content policies compared


Be careful what was posted on Facebook. They updated their community standards just recently. This was to make everyone using the site feel safer. This was a great idea. However, some things were still not allowed. How was this different to some of the images posted to other sites? Google reversed its crackdown on pornographic images last month, three days after making the announcement. Reddit still maintained its rigid policy.

Let’s start with Facebook:

  • Things like women engaged in beastfeeding and scarring from the breast being were allowed to have been photographed,
  • Showing the breast with the nipple was not allowed.
  • Male and female genitals were banned
  • Sexually explicit videos: those that show intercourse weren’t allowed
  • Any kind of hate speech, including any type of bullying was not allowed either.
  • Harsh or abusive language, Swear words, derogatory comments, etc.

While nudity in some cases was beautiful, my not wanting to see a woman with a large backside in a thong one piece do a butt dance on Facebook. It was in my newsfeed. After reporting this in January, they informed me that the image did not violate their guidelines at the time.

Google was a little different. Not only were they to relocate those blogs with sexually explicit photo and  video content, they were to have removed pictures that the user didn’t have a right to. This extended to my WordPress blogs too because the same effect date of March 23 was seen there last month.

One shouldn’t have assumed that a Google image of anybody was fair game. A watermark was similar to the trademark symbol and protected the author’s rights to use them. Granted, at least two of the images used on my Hot Topics blog of Julia Roberts and her husband were removed a few times.

Three days later, they reversed their rigid decision and cracked down on those that sold pornography via their blog site. This by no means allowed me to use nude pictures of Kim Kardashian, even if she did approve them. After seeing her and Kanye’s photos in the buff, it was in my best interest to remain discreet. Both had a tendency to push the boundaries of common decency just for publicity purposes.

In 2014, Blogger removed sites containing pornographic ads on them and the year before, it stopped showing pornographic ads on them.  With my Busy Bee Classified section, pornographic sites were not allowed because most if not all of the sites used by me to circulate that link did not allow that sort of thing. They would remove my link and suspend my account as a consequence.