Finishing the marketing course already started

Finishing the marketing course already started


This article was in response to The debt dilemma: My next move. It looked like, by the time of this second to the last webinar, How to Get 10,000 Fans Publish a Book & More! How to Get 10,000 Fans, Publish a Book, and Make $100,000…in 18 Months, my answer was right in front of me. No, the software offered was not purchased by me. The one time only offer was the right price at $197, but GetResponse had a better offer at a membership that was $15 a month after the 30 day trial period. This was even better than some of the other competitors that waved me over to them. My task was finishing the marketing course already started through  GetResponse

One thing received was the ability to expand my reach by making a landing page and a video that promoted my website/blog. Jeff Goins did have some really great ideas at the webinar today, but it was the price tag that prevented me from jumping on board. My next move was painfully obvious. Complete the course with GetResponse. Jeremy Shoemaker still got a major thank you from me as well as my WowApp contact who referred me. My Writing Site, A place for all types of trending topics on the web, was the result.

Now the aim was to take action on some of the ideas learned from the above webinar for free. Getting out of debt was paramount if there was any hope of having a life to live. Sometimes, finding where an author had several pieces of their articles missing was obvious to me, Mass shootings: Huffington Post article didn’t go far enough, Before the California shootings, a lot of these people mentioned in last year’s article already had emotional problems either known by the family or completely missed by them. It was usually afterward that the media picture was pieced together. Anything could have set them off. My agreement with the FBI wanting to unlock the Apple iPhone used by the radicals in San Berardino, California shooters was staunch. When they cross over to fight for any terrorist group, their rights as an American citizens were null and void. The same for anyone who used social media for the same purpose.

It was my job to find subscribers without the expensive course or software purchase. This might have been easier to do just by Googling the subject and finding the steps for free.