Four year-old filmed being thrown off bridge is sickening

Four year-old filmed being thrown off bridge is sickening


People are sick. It appalls me how parents mistreat children sometimes. This is the third time a report like this hit the national news. Now, a couple throws a four-year-old off a bridge in Grays Harbor County, Washington. At least he has a life jacket on, but that isn’t the point. His head might hit the rocks below.

The worst thing about this is, like the #NiaGreen incident last month, someone filmed the action using their cell phone supposedly by accident and posted it to Facebook. With#NiaGreen, the film on Facebook wasn’t accidental because she spoke directly into it, taking over her daughter’s page after removing the video that showed her mother beating her.

The incident at the bridge had at least two people witnessing on the video that they saw the preschooler being thrown from the bridge, screaming and crying. What purpose did the mother and the man she had thrown the boy off the bridge say their reason was? No written explanation exists in the article accompanying the video from a local news station this morning. If this is a joke, no one is laughing. This is a dumb stunt in bad taste.

This is just as bad as the children in Bowie, Texas that were left home alone with no food and in a filthy house while their mother went to her doctor’s appointment. CPS intervened when the eldest, an eight year old explained to the school that he had to stay home to watch his four siblings after they asked about his absence. The three month old, almost didn’t survive. They were that underfed. No state agency got involved with the #NiaGreen video. They should have. It was abuse. The Bowie incident started a round robin effect locally last year in October:

  1. Woman Jailed After Leaving Children at Home Overnight
  2. WFPD: Woman Behind Bars After Leaving Kids at Apartment

With the latest incident, the child is in state custody and the mother was charged with reckless endangerment of a child. A misdemeanor shared by the man in the video among some other lesser crimes. The only good thing about this is the child survived the fall and the mysterious person who filmed this appalling video has sense enough to turn it in to the police.