Harvest Swap challenging, but fun

Harvest Swap challenging, but fun


Like Farmville 2: Country Escape, the new puzzle game, Farmville Harvest Swap, was just as addicting. Unlike Candy Crush Saga, it was never frustrating, except when one ran out of lives or boosts. The higher one went, the harder it got. Earning diamonds were like trying to get keys and keep them.

There were only certain times of the day when people would earn diamonds. boosts, or extra lives. The more friends one had playing, the better chance one had in earning diamonds. Like its parent game, these friends were vital in getting what one needed to win the level or get a key. Not all of my friends had data plans on their phones, so strategy was a major factor also.

The one thing not liked by me was my needing an excessive amount of diamonds or keys in order to get an item or farm hand that could find almonds or a bottomless well. It was more likely for me to run out of moves than it was to earn a lot of incentives. Like some of the challenges of the original game, the length of time was a major factor too. Fishing at the pond took longer than fishing at the pier. Making champaigne took eight hours. Lemons took longer growing than pears or oranges. That’s why the market was great for buying what was needed. This worked when almonds were in short supply or almond milk got scarce when one hoarded it. The great thing was that with leveling up came an expansion of my barn and silo, like meeting the challenges by filling in the stars on Harvest Swap.

Both games were easier being played on a smartphone rather than a laptop. With optimization, things went faster on a mobile phone than on a computer. Harvest Swap was on the same level on my cell and on the computer. After making level eight on Country Escape via computer, it didn’t sync with my phone, but my ability to move products between the two was great.