Live media attracted more online viewers

Live media attracted more online viewers


This year, the difference in my Facebook Newsfeed hadn’t changed. However, the readership on sites like Yoboogle and My Writing Site have fluctuated in the first quarter. My uncle criticized me for ‘just spitting back’ the news in 500 words or less, except for my disappointment with Time Warner Cable recently, which had 501 words. Today’s post, Media Companies’ Reach Per Facebook Post Plummeting in 2016 (Study), had me thinking long before now that one had to step out of the box in order to gain readership. One news source didn’t do the whole job.

Competing digital and social media outlets Facebook might have been popular with the younger crowd, but it wasn’t the only news outlet Most of my readers were in the 35-54 age range on Yoboogle. A lot of my posted stories came from other digital and social media venues. The updates come from my phone via Facebook notifications, or through one of three e-mail inboxes. Since everyone knew posting trending web topics on the web didn’t end at 5 pm. One had to know the rhythm of the news. For instance, with both of my sites above, had topics posted one to four times a day, sometimes more, but writing two blog posts a day was enough for this blogger.

Google+ was still alive In spite of people who have tried to falsely report its demise in the last two years, Google+ was still holding its own with along with the others. The Google browser hadn’t ceased to operate so the other lived too. Thankfully, the only major ‘tinkering‘ with the digital media was a restructuring so that people posting didn’t need a gmail account to use this service. This was their attempt at trying to rattle Facebook, which didn’t work. My Google blogbecame archival mainly because the use of WordPress was preferable to me because it was easier to post there before getting my new laptop last year.

Implementation of video The readers on Yoboogle preferred live video from The Huffigton Post, Sports Illustrated, The 700 Club, and Marshable. As a matter of fact, most of the likes and people who actually see the posts went up if there was a link to a video or song. Two people from CBN actually thanked me for sharing their post in the last two days.

The biggest draws were from people that did harm to others like these stories:

In the case of My Writing Site, it was more complicated. Statistics ruled the roost. My holiday fare with the prom dresses and travel were great, but they were only temporary. My best time was Memorial Day Weekend when the top movies were to be released. Video was used here too. My next top hits on June 9 were because of:

The ironic thing was there were two opposing views. My sister ad someone from Bible Study on Wednesday night told me to complain to TWC management to negotiate a lower rate on my bill for their flub this Saturday past. My mother said to forget about the trouble and move on. It looks like the first option was to be pursued. It worked before. ~