Monday’s debate finally had a ‘winner’ after many polls

Monday’s debate finally had a ‘winner’ after many polls


Ok, Monday’s debate took some time to ingest. Before commenting on the much anticipated forum, this blogger noticed a few things about the two candidates that squared off for 90 minutes. As a nation, it feels like all of us have forgotten our roots and what we stood for as Americans. This blogger is going to put aside the lies and half-truths told by both sides.

Race will always be an issue as long as there is mistrust between the community and police. What some of the die hard Republican supporters of Donald Trump refuse to see is how he alienated half of the minorities in the country, including the military, which he was unfit for. When there is mandatory frisking done to African Americans anyone else of color or nationality, there will always be some sort of racial profiling done that borders the law and its legality. What was Donald Trump going to do, send troops in to trample over the rioters? They already don’t respect or trust the police. Re-establishing trust between protectors and the people came before ‘law and order’ so Hilary Clinton had it right.

Their tax plans differ just like their personalities. Trump believed that by giving the top 1% the largest cut, in taxes, it would trickle down to the middle class and beyond. Lets get real here, guys. Donald Trump’s plan has a lot of holes in it. First of all, he is assuming that under his plan, which raised the national deficit 39.2% rather then reducing it, that there will be jobs and economic growth. It also didn’t say what the middle class would pay in taxes either. Would they be equal to the top 1% or get the 15% ?

At least Hilary Clinton wanted to raise the minimum wage and give small businesses tax incentives and offer child care to struggling families and paid sick leave to take care of an ill family member or members. Yes, the minimum wage has been raised, but not without pain for those that did not have the budget to offer the higher wages to new workers. I remember when $3.25 an hour was the going rate for the longest time. By the time I started working it was $4.25 an hour at first, but my second job paid $5.25. Her tax plan was more moderate. It also reduced the deficit by 11.2%. Right now, families paid out of pocket for child care or chose to stay home until their child was school aged. My mother didn’t want us to be latch key children, so she stayed home till all of us were in school.

I doubt very seriously, whether there will ever be free college tuition. A lot of my friends from Germany were in high school taking college courses. Their country paid for their education, just like the students from Africa and the Caribbean. A few people known be me got to do this too through the Spectrum Program. I’m not sure whether it was free though.

Now that the polls are in, it is clear that Hilary Clinton won the first debate. As stated before, she had the tact and poise needed to move in these kind of circles, unlike Donald Trump. She is a wife of a former president and a First Lady.

While Lester Holt maintained order, or tried to, Donald Trump refused to stay silent while Clinton answered questions. Today, he claimed that there was something wrong with the mike. We all heard him try to talk over Hilary and completely ignore Holt’s redirection and reprimand for interrupting. No wonder he felt invisible, bruised and subjective. What Trump did was down right rude. Media wasn’t corrupt, he just lacked self control. In this sense, he embarrassed himself. Trump got knocked on his rump. As a further sting, the Arizona Republic refused to endorse the Republican candidate because of his past behavior and banter on stage during the debate.

My mind hadn’t been changed either. My vote was reaffirmed.