More cameos due in Marvel films

More cameos due in Marvel films


As a fan of Marvel films, the latest announcement that other superheroes were to have cameos followed the formula written about in the Mummy Reboot last week. This was a better option because with the Marvel Universe, the characters were elastic enough to reboot the back story. Ths means, when new writers had new ideas, they were able to use them in their story. Let’s look at this scenario of cameos in films lke the one touted by Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans. Hey, cameos were used in some of the cartoons made in the ’80s and ’90s, so why not in the movies?

There was still a problem with a reboot of the Mummy movie because the timeline wasn’t as elastic as those in the Marvel Universe. At least with the first two starring Brendan Fraiser, they put them before World War II. The charm with the monster movies like Dracula, The Mummy, Phantom of the Opera and Frankenstein were that they were literary characters in books. The difficulty was getting them from the page to film. Frankenstein concerned me the most. His timeline existed way before modern advances like electricity, standard CPR procedures and the defibulator. The same thing can be said for Dracula and The Mummy. Archeological digs were and still are occurring though. Many medical advances were made by the study of mummies.

Cameos were great though. One of my favorite Eddie Murphy movies was Coming To America. When the cash that Arsenio Hall’s character hoarded was confiscated by Akeem, He placed it in the till of two elderly gentlemen in the street, which just happen to be the Wall Steet tycoons named Duke in Trading Places Apparently, this wasn’t the problem with the latest movie rumors on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, where Robert Downey Jr., let it be known about future cameos between Peter Parker, Iron Man and Captain America. In the mid 90’s version of the X-Men, Captain America showed up in an episode called, Old Soldiers. Peter Parker also meets Anthony Stark, Iron Man, in Spiderman and His Amazing Friends

On last night’s show, alongside Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. shared stories of their filming in  the Captain America: Civil War trailer, Atlanta and said they were doing it again. Ideas like locations were subject to change. There was a long wait before filming began on Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy 2, the only films due to shoot in the Atlanta area at the moment. It seems to this blogger that there were a few more cameos in the future.