Mummy remake might not pass muster with the audience

Mummy remake might not pass muster with the audience


This was one reason why a reboot or remake was not going to work too well, even if it was to revamp a famous part of the studios monster past. According to Variety, Tom Cruise was supposedly in talks to revamp the Mummy movie. Apparently, a few other directors/producers were drawn into the mix also, like Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan last summer to help develop a universe for Universal where its classic monster movie library was the main attraction. Kurtzman is also on board to direct and will produce alongside Morgan as well as Sean Daniel. Unfortunately, the studio was not confirming or denying this rumor.

Tom Cruise was not one of the producers, but he was involved in a big part of the development. Notice he wasn’t part of the cast either. That’s still to be determined. The script, written by Jon Spaihts, was set in the present day.  Characters from the monster universe films were expected to be cameos in each other’s remakes before coming together in an “Avengers”-style tie-in film. Plot still needed development. Universal’s executive VP of production Jon Mone and director of development Jay Polidoro were in charge of this project for the studio.

According to another related article by Variety, they want to bring back some of the monsters that were popular in Hollywood’s Golden Age, like Dracula, Frankenstein and The Mummy (1932). Together, they’re watching a team that’s busy mixing in elements of those classic films, such as the bolts in Frankenstein’s neck, with a modern setting tied to contemporary themes.

This is not a heightened world,” Morgan says. “We’re exploring issues of family identity and questions of, ‘Where do I belong in the world?’ ”

This writer had no problem with the idea above as long as the plot moved well when remaking the film to fit modern day themes Even now, those monsters didn’t fit just as they didn’t fit in their own timeline. Frankenstein was reanimated from dead flesh, via electric shock, not resurrected like Jesus. Speaking from a viewer standpoint, not very many previous remakes were all that successful. Poltergeist was panned by Fangdango There were only two reviews that gave five stars. When one of the directors/producers were Sam Rami, one was sure to get a jolt or two with his films and TV shows.

The Omen, 2006, didn’t go over well either. It received a 5.5 out of a possible 10. The sad fact was that my viewing of this remake didn’t impress me either. Billie Whitelaw scared me to death in the original version of this film as Damian’s nanny from Hell. It appeared to me that the one in the remake was not scary enough with scraggly hair and overdone makeup. She was there to indulge his overeating cherries, something that was not in the original.

This blogger prayed that the Mummy remake was successful. My having purchased the third installment of the Mummy franchise was a waste of money. What made the second movie so good was the precociousness of Freddie Boath who played Alex and Evelyn’s premonitions about her past life, which tied in with the movie. With Alex all grown up, the childlike spark wasn’t there. While Brendan Fraiser’s character, Rick, didn’t age a day, neither did the brother-in-law Johnathan, the lady that played Rachel Weiz’s role looked at least ten years older than both actors.

Here’s hoping this twist in the remake worked.