My tribute to Gene Wilder’s comedic legacy In movies

My tribute to Gene Wilder’s comedic legacy In movies


The entertainment world lost another Iconic figure to a devastating disease. Comedian/Actor Gene Wilder died yesterday at his Connecticut home.

Tonight, Gene Wilder gets the same tribute from me, just like the late David Bowie did in January this year. According to USA Today, the cause of death is from the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. As a fan of this actor/comedian, my favorite movies were: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Blazing Saddles, Silver Streak, and Young Frankenstein.

While Hollywood mourns his death with a social media tribute, this blogger plans on watching a few of his movies at the house tonight. Even though he did comedic roles, it made me glad  that he did other movies as well. One of the roles he played was a turtle in a live action version of Alice in Wonderland. His character wished to be part of a turtle soup. Of course, his iconic role as a writer riding on the train called Silver Streak is good too. He missed catching the train twice and yells an expletive in the movie twice.

This man was one of the few people able to wear brown shoe polish on this face, masquerading as a black man, to get back on the train and not get roundly criticized by the public for it. Ted Danson went too far when he appeared in part of an award show dressed  in blackface. While it seemed funny to some, everyone in the media saw it as done in bad taste. Anyone using that situation to get a laugh is just plain sick. Chevy Chase just wears a black wig when he is around a lot of black people. That made me laugh because it was subtle.

Gene Wilder did that for me too when he played the brother of Sherlock Homes in The Adventures of Sherlock Homes Smarter Brother. Paired with the late Madeline Kahn, and Marty Feldman, the laughter was non stop.

This blogger will miss Gene Wilder and his ability to make people laugh.