New hairdo on Kim Kardashian looked great!

New hairdo on Kim Kardashian looked great!


The new hairdo on Kim Kardashian looked great! My boss wanted something on my blog about the them for weeks. Well he finally got it. Personally it was better to have written about their faces and fashion rather than their “well-endowed” posteriors.  She wanted a change.

In all truthfulness, I had to do a little research on this family and how it became famous. It appeared their father, Robert Kardashian , a lawyer for O.J. Simpson,  defended him in his murder trial of Ron Goldman  and Nicole Brown Simpson. It was nice to know that the family was moving on in spite of Olympic star, Bruce Jenner’s gender reassignment, in which they all rallied around him in support of it.

That said, Kim Kardashian admitted in one of her interviews for an entertainment magazine that she had to get LASER HAIR REMOVAL for her forehead. Most of the time, they had to be air brushed after a photo shoot. She had according to an article on the E website “the hairiest forehead ever”.

The last time she changed her hair color was almost two years ago. It wasn’t to last though because she wore a wig. Here’s why this color hair looked great on her:

  • As a platinum blonde, she would easily pass for Draco Malfoy’s (Tom Felton) aunt or even his mother. She was unseen in the Harry Potter movies.
  • She even was able to star in a movie of her own with that hair color. Maybe another type of sorceress.

I think it looked neat. It’s nice to see Kim do something not so controversial too. Maybe I should try auburn highlights…hmm.