New movies and games to be released

New movies and games to be released


I can’t wait for some of the new releases that were due to premiere starting tomorrow. Below was a list of movies and game dates to watch for.

Deadpool February 12, 2016

Here lies the problem, according to a two day old article reviewing the film, Wade was once a simple thug-for-hire who loved his fiancée, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). But before the two could embrace in marital bliss, Wade was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and the future suddenly didn’t look so bright.

The cure for his malady came with a price. This is where a shadowy figure introduces himself as a savior, promising Wade he’ll be fully cured if he enrolls in their experimental program. Seems too good to be true, right? It is. The program’s leader, Ajax (Ed Skrein), informs Wade that he’ll be turned into nothing but a superhuman slave.

Of course, Wade went ballistic when he heard this. To see the outcome of this film one was to view the film. It was sure to offer some underlying connection to Marvel and DC comics in some way. Hey, did anyone think the characters could be ignored totally? Let’s get real here.

Race February 19, 2016

Based on the Olympic legend, Jesse Owens, we all remember the 1936 Olympics, where Adolf Hitler attended and just happened to turn his back on the race Owens struggled to become a part of. It was certainly no easy task in this time being pre-World War II and a few more than twenty years before the Civil Rights Movement.

This film was one of the many historical pieces that was a defining moment for the African-American community. This was one barrier that had to come down in order that athletes of color were to succeed. There were African American men and women who ran track and did the long jump. Thanks to him, people like Debi Thomas and Dominique Dawes became who they were. Until that time, most skaters and gymnasts were White, Hispanic, or Asian at least on the U. S. Olympic team.

Far Cry Primal February 23, 2016

This game, to be released on Xbox One, was, for lack of a better word, going back to basics. It seemed to this blogger, that element related to Beastmaster while visiting the Stone Age. That’s where the primal element came in. This was supposed to be better than the usual set up.

For one thing, the live action trailer certainly had a great hook, or grabbing the viewer’s interest with the short video. It also lived up to the basic human trait or the primal need to survive. What better place to do that then in the Stone Age? The start of this whole thing began with a soldier sprinting along a futuristic battlefield and being sent back to World War II, D-Day and even the Civil War. It all remained to be seen how well this goes with gamers.

Tom Clancy’s The Division March 8, 2016

This was another game set for release in early March. The challenge to gamers was domination or supremacy over one’s opponents in the game. Once again, Ubisoft, also responsible for Far Cry Primal, grabbed viewer’s attention with another hook.

One thing was its background which was supposed to be ‘visually impressive’ . The scene where this challenge took place was New York City. Gamers would notice how the mapping paralelled the game itself. This intense attention to detail should determine a lot as to whether the game was a success. Ubisoft certainly hoped so