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Until seeing the article below, it hadn’t been known by me why humans ate dessert last. While there are many scientific studies, there are a few things this article was missing. Didn’t a family’s customs come into play?

While there might have been an inborn desire to inhale many calories as possible, meals aren’t complete without dessert. In some cases, people from my church said that desert got eaten at lunch and dinner. Some families only had dessert on Sundays. Most of the time, it was made from scratch before pasteurization and refrigeration.

Notice that while conditions like heart disease, and high cholesterol had names, the path to treatment for heart attacks and strokes came much later. Likewise, the dangers of sugar and its link to diabetes weren’t known back then either other than being bad for the teeth. When people ate sweets, they had to make them. There weren’t any nutrition labels showing how much sugar, fat from calories or transfat. Thanks to modern conveniences like manufacturing, sugar is readily available in more items other than desserts and candy.

Those that grew up during World War II dealt with shortages in staples, like sugar. The Great Depression made food more scarce, so any dessert is a treat, especially getting a birthday cake. My mother doesn’t eat a lot of sweets like cake, cookies and pies. Every time someone had a birthday or retired cake was served at the party. My grandfather served a dessert after dinner, but as children, we had to eat all our food first, including vegetables.

I wonder if there were books on what dessert went with a certain meal? They had books on the type of wine that went with certain meals. Why not make one for desserts? The only thing this blogger knew is what bread to serve. Italian dishes went with Italian bread. Roast beef had bread as did roast pork, chicken and turkey.

In my family, dessert was a sometimes food, only to be eaten after dinner and only if we cleaned our plate. It went further with me though. Mom tried cutting out a lot of the extras that my brother and sister got but I didn’t because I didn’t move around enough.The after school snack was forbidden. Fruit replaced potato chips and sweets.Servings of potatoes, pasta and bread were also limited. If I asked for seconds and cake was served, I had to forfeit the cake. If we got soda, I got one cup.

It is tradition, in my family, during the holiday season, to serve chocolate with the celebratory meal. Any time my mother served chicken or turkey, my siblings and I asked where the chocolate was? My sister got mad one time because mom had no chocolate dessert on the table on Thanksgiving. It made me mad too because I don’t like Lemon Meringue Pie and prefer chocolate cake to apple pie or peach cobbler. Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie aren’t my favorites either. I resorted to bringing my own dessert instead of asking her what to bring.

When dessert is served, it is the complement of a great meal. It made the difference just like the type of wine or bread. Whether one ate dessert and how often depended on where they are on life’s time line.


Black Friday 2016 will be upon us soon, now that the Presidential Election is over. One thing different this year is that there are a whole host of stores that decided that they are remaining closed on Thanksgiving Day.

This blogger believes that Black Friday 2016 actually started long before the target date. The ads for great Christmas buys started after Halloween. If shoppers were smart, shopping should start mid-summer. My mother read me the riot act for waiting until Christmas Eve to shop for gifts. Then threaten bodily harm if my shopping done before Thanksgiving. I did my shopping via the internet after that tirade. To be honest, Black Friday 2016 and Christmas Eve were the worst times to do one’s shopping. The stores were a mad house for those rushing to get the best deals in the beginning and buy those forgotten on their list the night before Christmas.

Don’t lose heart, though. There are places that have good deals on some of the hottest selling items this season. While some stores wished to remain closed, the list of those staying open are updated daily.According to one article on AOL, one of the biggest sellers this season is to be the iPod. The Nintendo NES has been available since Veteran’s Day, One of the hottest items, Hatchables, are already hard to get. Some parents are buying these toys on ebay for four times their retail price and beyond. It looked to me that the most popular toys flying off the shelves this holiday season were either technology-based or had a movie tie-in. Remember the superhero movies last year? All the toys released for the holiday were based on the movie in theaters. Retailers were counting on this and the predictions made by execs and children earlier in the summer.

My prediction is that the Nintendo NES and the new Xbox One and Xbox One S will be hits this Christmas in addition to those toys predicted to be sold faster. Fans of Nintendo are going to have to wait until the universal theme park opens as it is still in the planning stage. It remained to be seen what toys became popular this year.






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The Girl Scouts were branching into the cereal market. So far, the cereals were modeled after Thin Mints and Carmel Crunch. These were due in Jauary 2017. It’s a little strange to see Thin Mints as a cereal, but then, one of the major cereal companies made a cereal out of oranges. Remember Kellogg’s OJ’s? Thankfully, this was discontinued with a whole host of other cereal market flops.

While consumers will have to wait for these cereals, they won’t have to wait for the new S’mores flavor, only two or three months. The new S’more cookie flavor was in celebration of the Girl Scout Centennial. Thin Mints and Caramel DeLites, or Samoas, were top selling cookies for the Girl Scouts. My mother loves Thin Mints. I liked Caramel DeLites because of the chocolate stripes that were similar to Keebler’s Fudge Stripes.

General Mills chose to partner with the Girl Scouts to produce these limited edition cereals. It might have something to do with the Girl Scout Centennial. Actually, it was to improve cereal sales that were slow. The cookies are top sellers also. General Mills, well-known for its top selling cereal, Cheerios, was tight-lipped about the details behind this event, more knowledge was expected closer to the premiere date.

General Mills has been known to release cereals based on popular movies. Last year, it was Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Another company tried that as a major release and it ended up discontinued. I remember the cereal that came out after E.T. The Extraterrestrial by General Mills. The cereal companies are getting smarter after their flops of 20+ years ago. These new cookie-based cereals are in limited release.


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Hold on to those rare coins found in change jars, coin purses and the like. It could bring more than just a jingle I one’s pocket. In some cases, like expensive necklaces, one might invest in a safety deposit box or a safe. Value of these coins depended on the year they were minted.

In all honesty, my coin collecting didn’t start in earest until my first buffalo nickel was seen in my change jar. My gradmother and great uncle gave us silver dollars and fifty cent piand we each got a $2 bill. The facorite thing for me to collect before the state quarters and nickels was the bicetennial quarter.

The $10 Liberty Eagle (1838-1907) If one of these are found, the persom should consider themselves ‘blessed’. This coin is considered the crown jewel in anyone’s collection because gold is highly prized.mainly because these were half ounce in weight. One needed at least $1200 or more depending on whether it is circulated or not., if they wanted to buy. Most collectors or owners were squeamish about selling this type of coin because of its value. It is considered rare because FDR requested owners of these coins turn them in to be melted down to aid in the Depression. He also took the United States off the Gold Standard after that year.

The Indian Head Penny, 1859-1909, about the size of the modern half dollar and had 90% copper. These replaced the Flying edge pennies, 1856-1858, that were made with less than 90% copper and susceptible to design flaws. The value, as stated above depended on the minted year and its condition. Remember, that this is a piece of American hstory started before the Civil War. Uncirculated, and in mint condition, these coins increase in monetary value.

The Lincoln Steel Penny This came about as a result of WWII. Copper was used for the war effort, which, thanks to a 1942 law that prohibited the use of copper for pennies. These pennies are made with a steel center and coated with zinc. One way that distinguishes these pennies from their copper counterpart, is their white silvery appearance. Zinc is used in all pennies since 1982 as a core mineral. These pennies weigh less than copper ones too.Uncirculated pennies are worth $20-$50. Well used pennies have a $10-$20 market value.

The 1926 Buffalo Nickel is worth $2000+ but might be passed over because it is unrecognized as a valuable coin. This might be due to the fact that there isn’t any rare minerals in it, like silver or gold. The dates on the coin faded because of handling. Congress tried ad failed to change the dates o these coins, but ended up using the standard Jefferson Nickel instead. In my case, most of the coins found by me are dated 1937 or 1938. Mom took them to a dealer to find out their value before my moving. My collection is now worth $150. Everything is worth three times its market value.

Let’s look at the Kennedy Half Dollar, for instance, while it is still in production today, basically as a memorial to his death in November 1963, it’s value was worth more in 1964 because the percentage of silver is 90% The percentage of silver dropped to 40% between 1965-70. After 1971, there isn’t any silver in them, but they were still nice to have.

Ben Franklin Half Dollar, minted from 1948-1963, it contained 90% silver. My luck improved during a fundraiser at school when one of these were found in my envelope. Production of these coins ceased because of the Kennedy Memorial coin.

The Bicentenial Quarter Now worth 58 cents, depending on its appearance. Those free of faults are worth more, as high as $450.

Biicentennial Half Dollars Unfortuately, these are only worth 50 cents. Those that aren’t circulated are worth 75 cents to $1.On a second level, they are worth as much as $3.

There is always the possibility that one could find a rare lucky penny placed in oe of the cities in the U.S. They are said to have a value of $1,000 each These coins are bigger than the regular pennies. They have the sponsor’s logo on one side and 100,000 cents on the other side. Be sureto read the article for more information. Unfortunately for me, finding one is difficult as I don’t live in or near any of these cities the lucky pennies are in. Like everyone else, I will hold on to my change.


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Well, there is no mistake this time, Trump’s audio sex tape controversy confirmed the stance of Donald Trump on women In spite of his public apology  over the sex tape and the Vice Presidential Debate won last week, most Republican supporters are withdrawing their support of Donald Trump, except for Jon Voight and a few church pastors.  Mike Pence is keeping hisdistance from it all. Of course, the media crawled all over this vulgar language on Trump’s audio sex tape, recorded in 2005. A lot of Republicans ask that he withdraw, others were standing firmly behind him.

This blogger thinks that the church and its pastors should keep out of politics. Remember theSeparation of Church and State or the high-wall theory? It’s in the constitution, for Pete’s sake! I am ashamed of Pastor Jefferess who has a past of his own locally. I wonder if they know the ‘stink’ he raised over Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy’s Roommate when he tried getting the local public library to remove the books from its shelves? They are now behind the counter and checked out on demand. Most of the local churches didn’t rally around him as he thought they would. Most of them wouldn’t comment. All that trouble to stir the pot and he never returned the books. Someone told me that he left a local church in the Dallas area because of the lure of more money. If this was a church or a school library, what’s allowed and not can be made there.No pastor should tell a public library through any city council action what books went on their shelves.

I don’t see how Pastor Robert Jefress can support Donald Trump’s candidacy because of his past. His skeletons are bursting out of the closet. The only ‘American’ woman he married wasMarla Maples. All the rest were European. One of them admitted to feeling ‘violated‘ during sex. Sounds criminal to me, Ivana. Yet he admitted to not having a problem ‘banging‘ 24 year olds. Did Jeffress even listen to the tape made in 2005? His language trashy enough and undoubtedly came from the gutter.Even President Obama found the language on the tape ‘unnerving‘ This blogger agreed that real men didn’t engage in lewd talk about women and record it. Trump did not represent the ‘highest moral fiber’ he tried to project in the Republican party.

He did not support or respect women who held higher job positions, specifically Megyn Kellyand the disabled reporter. He disrespected Lester Holt during the first debate. There is fall out because of what he said to Hilary Clinton being in jail over the scandal during her time as Secretary of State. Now, the bigger problems are the next action the Republican party takes regarding the Trump sex tapes and what punishment the media faces for trying to rig the polls to help Hilary Clintom? The article is almost a month old. The numbers don’t lie with the other polls, which were unscientific. It’s worse for Billy Bush, remains suspended from the Today Show for his part in the above Trump scandal. Apparently, Vuture reported today that the co host, formerly of Inside Edition, is not to return to the morning show.

My points are that there are problems with both candidates. Neither should petition for sainthood just yet. Hilary did not file for divorce after Jennifer Flowers or Monica Lewinski. There weren’t ay audio tapes with him discussing women in graphic detail, like Trump has. It did say that Marla Maples carried on a six year affair with Donald Trump before he married her. This marriage lasted six years and produced a daughter, named Tiffany.

Let’s hope that the GOP next steps are well thought out.


Since Russia sees Vladimir Zhirinovsky as  a flamboyant veteran lawmaker known for his fiery rhetoric, told Reuters in an interview that Trump was the only person able to de-escalate dangerous tensions between Moscow and Washington. He also likens himself to the outspoken Republican presidential candidate. Yeah, right! The United States didn’t deal with war threats from people that are off center, putting it mildly.

Did anyone really think this nut is able to raise an army and march against America if Donald Trump is elected next month? World War III was apt to start because of Donald Trump’s wish tobomb the ‘heck’ out of ISIS.With his inexperience at running a country, my thought is that he would be the first to use weapons of mass destruction Approval for all this had to be sanctioned by Congress first, just like it would be if Hilary Clinton became president. They would both be thoroughly watched, just like Obama is now.

Let’s look at why there are tensions between the U.S. and Russia, shall we? On October 3, the State Department cut ties with their ally because of their presence in the Syrian city, Aleppo. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Russia has continually ignored its own responsibilities in the region, particularly humanitarian law. Remember Putin’s dangerous game and how bad the economy in his country is? It’s important for him to keep the trade routes open in the Ukraine and establish a presence in Syria to control the oil and gas revenues.

Vladiimir Zhirinovsky mirrors Trump with his belligerent attitude towards southern Russia, which has Muslims there. He wanted to use a barbed wired fence to block them out. Trump wanted a wall built to keep out illegal aliens coming from Mexico and ban Muslims from coming to America. Don’t forget that his mission is to shock the public with his speeches.While some saw it as a way to gain attention, He follows Kremlin rules.  Everyone wanted at least five minutes of fame. He got his.

It bothers the current administration that Putin, while in his pledge to fight ISIS, he did things in support of the Assad regime. At every turn, Putin has instigated the problem in both Syria and the Ukraine. By sending weapons to Syria, ISIS somehow gets hold of them through its connections in Iran.  This in turn ruffles the feathers of the U.S. In their quest to limit the nuclear deal in the house and Senate. Returning to the old way of doing things was not feasible. Yet Putin wants toreplace the U.S. in the Middle East as the dominant superpower.

Clinton has accused Trump of being too cozy with Putin and questioned his business interests in Russia. His last campaign manager, Paul Manaford, actually had ties to the Russian president. To me, this sounded like a conflict of interest, now that Trump is a presidential candidate. I don’t blame the State Department for cutting ties with Russia. They want to take the part of the Ukraine that supported the EU as well as other states for themselves. That was far from the Alliance we had in World War 1.

It didn’t look like anyone was paying attention to the outspoken Zhirinovsky, but just in case, everyone should #VoteYourConscience on November 8 and ignore this war threat.

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Will the faint rise in OPEC’s oil prices improve the United States economy, or will it continue to decline as usual? This bothered me because the glut in oil production ruined the price of oil in the United States in 2008. The answer lay in whether the nations of OPEC: Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, were able to reach an agreement on November 30 in Geneva as to how much to reduce their oil output.

Right now, the biggest issue among the OPEC nations is how much each member is to reduce oil production. The catalyst being Iran, who did not want to reduce the number of barrels of oil it produced. This also went against the rules Saudi Arabia followed. Being its biggest producer, they had the idea that by over production, they were able to drive other American producers, who produced shale oil, oil from rock sediment and clay, out of business.

Saudi Arabia and Russia relied on oil to improve their economies. Of late, they all suffered. Saudi Arabia had to cut spending on public programs in its economy to absorb the loss of low output and save their financial reserves. Iran is still suffering from the imposed sanctions of 30 years ago. They were one of the last holdouts to the November 30 agreement. Other countries, like Lybia and Nigeria were also turning to oil for economic growth after years of infighting. Apparently, Russia might have failed in trying to open up an oil and gas pipeline through theUkraine into Syria, where it had a base to fight ISIS. If Vladamir Putin had what he needed, he wouldn’t have to sit at the OPEC bargaining table.

Even though this OPEC oil reduction was meant to hold up the price of oil, it might cause further ruffled fir among the members if the United States continued shale oil drilling. That’s why this price war was created. A cut in production could boost oil prices through this untraditional method of drilling for oil and steady the market.

OPEC has so far only reached a preliminary agreement to strike a deal to cut production by 200,000 to 700,000 barrels a day, from 33.2 million barrels. The breakdown of which countries will trim output is expected to be worked out by its November meeting. But BofA points out that Saudi Arabia normally cuts back at this time of year. The Saudis produced about 10.6 million barrels a day last month.

“After all, Saudi has cut production seasonally by 320,000 (barrels per day) every year between July and January. The move in Algiers may reflect the impending fiscal pressures, as many OPEC government budgets are starved for cash. Also, it is critical to remember that pegged currency regimes across many oil producers have put a huge strain on foreign exchange reserves in key OPEC members,” the BofA analysts wrote.

As for the U.S., domestic oil production has been around 8.5 million barrels a day recently, down by about 1.1 million barrels a day from the all-time high in the spring of 2015. In November 2014, OPEC, led by Saudi Arabia, gave up on production levels and opted for a new strategy of letting the market determine oil prices. Producers, from the U.S. to Russia and Saudi Arabia, kept pumping and created a giant oil glut. Oil plunged, and ultimately hit a bottom in February 2016 at just about $26 per barrel.

Saudi Arabia’s aim went beyond revamping their economy. They also wanted less dependent on oil in its Vision 2030, where two-thirds of the jobs existed in the public sector. Right now, though, their role was to steady the fledgling oil market. Let’s hope they can.




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Ok, Monday’s debate took some time to ingest. Before commenting on the much anticipated forum, this blogger noticed a few things about the two candidates that squared off for 90 minutes. As a nation, it feels like all of us have forgotten our roots and what we stood for as Americans. This blogger is going to put aside the lies and half-truths told by both sides.

Race will always be an issue as long as there is mistrust between the community and police. What some of the die hard Republican supporters of Donald Trump refuse to see is how he alienated half of the minorities in the country, including the military, which he was unfit for. When there is mandatory frisking done to African Americans anyone else of color or nationality, there will always be some sort of racial profiling done that borders the law and its legality. What was Donald Trump going to do, send troops in to trample over the rioters? They already don’t respect or trust the police. Re-establishing trust between protectors and the people came before ‘law and order’ so Hilary Clinton had it right.

Their tax plans differ just like their personalities. Trump believed that by giving the top 1% the largest cut, in taxes, it would trickle down to the middle class and beyond. Lets get real here, guys. Donald Trump’s plan has a lot of holes in it. First of all, he is assuming that under his plan, which raised the national deficit 39.2% rather then reducing it, that there will be jobs and economic growth. It also didn’t say what the middle class would pay in taxes either. Would they be equal to the top 1% or get the 15% ?

At least Hilary Clinton wanted to raise the minimum wage and give small businesses tax incentives and offer child care to struggling families and paid sick leave to take care of an ill family member or members. Yes, the minimum wage has been raised, but not without pain for those that did not have the budget to offer the higher wages to new workers. I remember when $3.25 an hour was the going rate for the longest time. By the time I started working it was $4.25 an hour at first, but my second job paid $5.25. Her tax plan was more moderate. It also reduced the deficit by 11.2%. Right now, families paid out of pocket for child care or chose to stay home until their child was school aged. My mother didn’t want us to be latch key children, so she stayed home till all of us were in school.

I doubt very seriously, whether there will ever be free college tuition. A lot of my friends from Germany were in high school taking college courses. Their country paid for their education, just like the students from Africa and the Caribbean. A few people known be me got to do this too through the Spectrum Program. I’m not sure whether it was free though.

Now that the polls are in, it is clear that Hilary Clinton won the first debate. As stated before, she had the tact and poise needed to move in these kind of circles, unlike Donald Trump. She is a wife of a former president and a First Lady.

While Lester Holt maintained order, or tried to, Donald Trump refused to stay silent while Clinton answered questions. Today, he claimed that there was something wrong with the mike. We all heard him try to talk over Hilary and completely ignore Holt’s redirection and reprimand for interrupting. No wonder he felt invisible, bruised and subjective. What Trump did was down right rude. Media wasn’t corrupt, he just lacked self control. In this sense, he embarrassed himself. Trump got knocked on his rump. As a further sting, the Arizona Republic refused to endorse the Republican candidate because of his past behavior and banter on stage during the debate.

My mind hadn’t been changed either. My vote was reaffirmed.


Science is closing in on Crohn’s Disease, a debilitating inflammatory bowel disease, which causes severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss, and fatigue. Part of the equation is the fugus recently found in the gut. The other part, found this week, were two bacteria that played a major role in how the person developed the disease.

My mother suffers from a form of Chrohn’s Disease, called Ileitis,, formerly Regional Ileitis. This affects primarily the small and large intestines, but which can occur anywhere in the digestive system between the mouth and the anus. In her case, it affected the stomach. Certain things in her diet cause blockage in the small intestines that cause pain, diarrhea, and nausea.

The list of hazzard foods get longer every year. Things like broccoli, cabbage, stuffing, apple, grape skins, orange juice pulp, etc.

 “Essentially, patients with Crohn’s have abnormal immune responses to these bacteria, which inhabit the intestines of all people. While most researchers focus their investigations on these bacteria, few have examined the role of fungi, which are also present in everyone’s intestines. Our study adds significant new information to understanding why some people develop Crohn’s disease. Equally important, it can result in a new generation of treatments, including medications and probiotics, which hold the potential for making qualitative and quantitative differences in the lives of people suffering from Crohn’s.”

In the past, studies found that E coli bacteria had been a major factor in Crohn’s sufferers. Now there were two more, Serratia marcescens and the fungus Candida tropicalis, are contributors to this disease too. The main factors that cause this disease are genetic along the lines of environment and one’s diet. As long as the probiotic did not have yogurt,the active cultures irritated her Crohn’s Disease, she wouldn’t get sick.

My mother lost so much weight during one of her attack that she fit into clothes she wore before marrying my father. She couldn’t wear her wedding ring because it wouldn’t stay on her finger.

The researchers found strong fungal-bacterial interactions in those with Crohn’s disease: two bacteria (Escherichia coli and Serratia marcescens) and one fungus (Candida tropicalis) moved in lock step. The presence of all three in the sick family members was significantly higher compared to their healthy relatives, suggesting that the bacteria and fungus interact in the intestines. Additionally, test-tube research by the Ghannoum-led team found that the three work together (with the E. coli cells fusing to the fungal cells and S. marcescens forming a bridge connecting the microbes) to produce a biofuel — a thin, slimy layer of microorganisms found in the body that adheres to, among other sites, a portion of the intestines — which can prompt inflammation that results in the symptoms of Crohn’s disease.

This is good because it is the first time a fungus and bacteria are linked to Crohn’s Disease. Of course, with the studies, the stomachs of the relatives in the Crohn’s Disease family are different from the ones that are disease free family. A good indication that there is trouble in the gut is when the doctor recommends a soy formula other than regular formula for their baby. A writer friend had a son with Crohn’s and she told me that.

Thankfully, this condition is not hereditary. Mom had a blood transfusion at 18. It made me feel better that treatment is improving for Crohn’s sufferers. Maybe someday, there will be a cure.






Credit: © vaakim / Fotolia Fungus in humans identified for first time as key factor in Crohn’s disease

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Crohn’s disease affects primarily the small and large intestines, but which can occur anywhere in the digestive system between the mouth and the anus.

Experts May Have Finally Found The Cause Of Crohn’s Disease

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The breakthroughs in fighting the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease are great this week. First, CBN News reported on the 36 factors affecting Alzheimers Disease. Then, a report today on CNN stated that a new drug destroying plaque on the brain of those in the early stage might change the outcome of those affected. While this is too late for the late Gene Wilder, these two breakthroughs looked promising for those in the earliest stages.

According to the CBN report, the debilitating disease is reversible, even avoidable if the current study produces actual results based on 36 factors. These factors must be researched in order to get to the root of the problem to find a cause. Things like diet and lifestyle are considered. Wouldn’t it be something if they found out the cause is due to sleep deprivation or eating too much processed sugar?

The beauty of discovering the cause is, that the person affected can change his lifestyle and or diet as needed to reverse the process. Right now, the developed drugs only worked on the symptoms. It seemed to me that a lot of the studies are hitting the rim, but missing the basket. The report read by me last month was scary because the writer, a doctor, sounded gloomy, almost apocalyptic when anyone got a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. Well now, there’s more that just a ‘faint chance’. The light just got brighter with these two findings.

Everyone knew the effects of a poor diet had on the brain, especially excessive intake of sugar. Among other things, like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, sugar played a major role in the development of Alzheimer’s Disease. More than half of the population in the U.S were resistant to insulin. This made them carry extra weight around the middle. According to some of the infomercials seen on late night television, this was a major reaso why losing weight was a problem or men and women with this condition.

Most of the time, a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s meant a death sentence. Drugs offered relief,but they only worked on symptoms, not the cause of the disease. This new drug honed in on deadly plague on the brain by destroying it. This drug,called aducanumab, is administered monthly for a whole year by infusion. It removed these hurtful toxins found in the brain. Well, if oatmeal removed plaque in the arteries, this drug worked something like that. It stopped the nerve cells from being interrupted by the plaque.

Thankfully, those 36 points might be able to help with the type of foods and what to change in their life to reverse Alzheimer’s Disease without the use of drugs. Only time will tell if these new developmental work with patients suffering from this disease.




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