#NiaGreen: Beating by mother filmed on Facebook gone too far

#NiaGreen: Beating by mother filmed on Facebook gone too far


This is just too much. #NiaGreen deserves punishment, but not like this, especially having everyone see the beat down by her mother, Shanavia Miller, on Facebook. The last time this happened, Dr. Phil got involved. The end result being different as the judge got supervised visits of their 10 year old daughter because of the three or four year old video.

Apparently, Nia Green posted a picture of herself and her boyfriend in a towel on her Facebook page after reportedly having sex. Evidently, this is the wrong way to announce to one’s parents that they’re sexually active. Yes, Nia Green is guilty of displaying too much personal information on social media. Even I know not to do this. The post written about my mother is supposed to be a teaching tool, not to cut my parent down. My brother and sister didn’t see it that way, so I removed it.

In my Google blog post, the father beats his sixteen year old for downloading illegal music. Mama gets her lick in, claiming she did as she was told by the judge on the Dr. Phil Show. They are now divorced. As a result of the video, he got supervised visits with his youngest child. There is no love expressed in this form of discipline, in either situation.

This situation is different. The parent in this video, regardless of who disrespected who first, was behaving like a teenager in a gang, not her daughter’s parent. As of now, the mysterious person behind the live streaming video remains so. Also, there isn’t any mention of the father I any posted stories of this incident either. I’m sure if there were a Dad, things wouldn’t go so far as to be posted on Facebook. It also looks like the discussion of appropriate social media behavior wasn’t spoken of either. NO ONE ever found out what happened to the girl who took a nude selfie on her phone and mistakenly sent it to her father instead of her boyfriend. Personally, I think the nude selfie in 2010 is staged. Inside Edition was at her grandmother’s house.

At this time, no action is taken against the mother for her  reaction.. This blogger thinks there will be because of the media backlash People have called CPS, but they haven’t moved on this incident. Nia Green has vowed to keep her business to herself. It would have been better to do that beforehand. Is this discipline or abuse?


#NiaGreen: Girl Seen Being Beaten by Mother in Video Streamed to Facebook Live, Report Says

According to Tea Served Cold, Green’s mother turned on Facebook Live from Green’s phone and was filmed beating Green, who had posted a photo of herself in a towel with her boyfriend.

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Over the weekend, a viral Facebook Live video of a mother assaulting … Seeing a Facebook photo her daughter, Nia Green, posted of … calling her a thot (an acronym that stands for “that hoe over there“) while … I Shouldn’t even been doing what i did. No i havedidnt  arivin my house when she said not to .

Mother Beats 16 Year Old Daughter #NiaGreen On Facebook Live …