On Domestic Violence: There should be stiffer penalties for entertainers

On Domestic Violence: There should be stiffer penalties for entertainers


Domestic violence was on the rise in America. It was no longer kept behind closed doors. One didn’t have to have been hit to be abused. It could start with disappointment, stress at work, or financial difficulties. In the case of Ray J, his girlfriend, Princess Love, beat him up last week for spending the night at a strip club. Ray J suffered broken ribs and an injured knee.  She was arrested after the incident was reported at their home in Louisiana. It must have been love between them because he paid her bond and $10,000 lawyer fee.

Musicians and actors should’v been held accountable for their behavior both on and off the job like school teachers college professors had a code of conduct in the handbook. What they said and did reflected the record labels and television, movie studios, and musical theater companies they worked for. They already have this for movie, television, and theater but the record labels hadn’t caught on yet. At least the NFL and other athletic organizations were cracking down on this.

Not too many people would have done what Ray J did after being beaten up, love or not. Any man that put his hands on me like that needed to be in jail until his arraignment. Most of the time, abuse was similar to control. Men and women used this tactic to gain power over their weaker mate.  There was usually a cycle of abuse involved where the abused became the abuser. The mean child that picked on the \\mentally and physically challenged at recess on the school playground or didn’t invite the strange person to an ‘in’ party, grew up and did the same thing as an adult. These people were self-centered, patronizing, conceited, and scared.

The one thing that interested me was the triggers that set abusers off. My neighbor drank, but no one had ever seen him drunk. His arguing with his significant other was loud enough to awaken me at any time of night. The cops were called to my apartment complex because of him screaming, swearing, and her crying. As part of a neighborhood watch, it was my duty to report these disturbances to the police and apartment managers. They could’ve only followed through if there were an actual apartment number on the police report in issuing a lease violation. Three of those and they were evicted.

My guess on the trigger part was it was a payday weekend where Monday was a holiday. In the whole time of my residence here, there were blow ups but my having to have had the cops here was not necessary until now. Usually some other resident called. It was even more embarrassing to have had that incident plastered all over the news. They went to the other side of the complex so they wouldn’t have disturbed me, but if the wind shifted just right, they could still have been heard on that side. In the case of my neighbor, neither cop nor female scared him. The police banged on his door and front window for twenty minutes last night before he opened the door. He was still argumentative and defensive, even after the cop threatened eviction. There was certainly denial on my neighbor’s part about the length of time this went on or whether it happened before. Evidently jail did.

Here was what the Bible said about abuse:

Proverbs 21:9 – [It is] better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house. (KJV)

RayJ would’ve been wiser to have remembered this verse before deciding to spend the night in a strip club.

1 Corinthians 7:1 Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: [It is] good for a man not to touch a woman. (KJV)

As for my thoughts: If it weren’t for their status, Princess Love and Ray J wouldn’t even have crossed my newsfeed if it were not for the beat down he took. Of course, if P Love were an athlete, there would’ve been stiffer penalties for the brawl. As for my neighbor next to me, it was hard to tell what was to happen next.