Regional weather effected the sale of homes

Regional weather effected the sale of homes


Want to know the best time to sell a home? According to an article in The Huffington Post, it was supposed to be springtime, May actually. Apparently, President’s Day kick started the spring selling season. They went on to compare this to the best time to purchase a plane ticket.

Apparently, because of a decrease in the number of available homes last December, down by 4%. The number of houses sold by the same time in 2015 was up by 8%. Whoever wrote this article hasn’t been in Wichita Falls in the last few years. Everywhere one turned, there seemed to be a for sale sign in the front yard of every third house. My former Sunday School teacher got a job in Nevada, last year. His wife came back this week to get the house ready for sale. Of course, they spent the last few years repairing and completing the building of the two-story structure.

A lot of the for sale signs seen in this area could be attributed to economics or a death in the family. Just like the case of my friends who moved to Nevada, both of their children were grown and gone, both of them were retired, not needing all that space. The house across the street from my mother was owned by three people after my moving out. The house down the street from a friend of mine, near Love’s Truck Stop, was owned by someone that died in a nursing home last year. According to her, that house was infested with roaches and should have been treated before laying down the carpet and putting the house on the market.

The above article said that people were more inclined to by houses based on weather. For instance, this area, which has seen a boom in homes for sale, suffered a four year drought that ended last year in May. On the other hand, people avoided places that had a different time frame for home sales like Minneapolis and California, were more apt to see different results based on region. In California homes went faster the in other areas when the weather was good. Zillow had a Best Time to List on site one should see. They went on to state that houses sold within the first two weeks in May sold faster than those listed later.

Twenty years ago, there were a lot of foreclosed homes, those seized by the bank, in the area in which my mother lived. One man down the street that had the big satellite dish in the front yard got arrested for drug possession. That house was stripped and sold too after his wife took what she wanted and he was jailed. Being so close to a school zone, he was probably still there.

Those houses that had wood in the windows were to keep squatters and thieves out. While this didn’t make the property very attractive, it was extremely effective. If the house had anything like copper in faucets, pipes, and window units, thieves sold fixtures with that priceless element for scrap. It brought in a good return with enough of it. If they couldn’t get to the copper in the window unit, they took the entire thing. One man got so angry at his house being foreclosed on that he stripped the entire house of all its upgrades, including the copper.

Times have changed since then. The former pastor of my church announced his resignation in March 2012, put his house on the market at the same time, and sold it in the same month. Once he got to where his next church was, a new home waited for him there. This defied the article by four years.