Samsung slated to issue new gaming hard drive

Samsung slated to issue new gaming hard drive


Samsung has done it again. Not only have they come out with a new type of hard drive for gamers, but the Galaxy S7 too. Could hard disks be on life support?  That could be, according to one trending article today. Then again, the music industry said that about vinyl records after CDs came out. As the digital media took hold, some said the same thing about CDs

This blogger knew that, as of last year, Galaxy S4s were obsolete now that the S7s were out. The battery on my S3 phone got overheated, causing the phone to shut off. Samsung and AT&T probably didn’t sell anything below those type phones. My upgrade by AT&T was to have been free anyway.

At any rate, the cost of the  hard drive sold by Samsung was all about the amount of storage it had. My computer wouldn’t accept CDs, so my having to use the cloud to update to Windows 10. That may not be the case for much longer, however, as Samsung has now made its PW1633a 15TB SSD available for anyone to buy and though it isn’t cheap, it offers monstrous storage in a very small form factor. It was to help the lay person afford a hard drive, no matter what the financial situation.

This blogger looked forward to upgrading her phone. My brother said the S7s were water resistant, had a better camera, and it had a better and larger battery life. One thing liked by me about the S3 was the long battery life before the damage to my data and the battery being overheated for the third time this week. Now my job was to make sure everything on my phone was backed up.

Thank goodness this writer didn’t need this hard drive because of the cloud.