Squabbling over star’s estate continued

Squabbling over star’s estate continued


Nothing showed the character of a family until someone passed away and the will was read. The heirs of Robin Williams were in court contesting the legal will of the late actor yesterday. One of the legal liabilities was that the late actor was married three times. Right now, his heirs and wife were squabbling over his personal possessions.

At the time of his death, Robin Williams had an updated will which included money put aside for trusts, and a pre-nuptial in place. Will the fighting over what remained of his belongings stop? Only the Almighty knew.

Here’s what was known by me. Texas law allowed having a will so disposal of property and the like was left to the widow if there was none:

1. Upon my father’s death in 1995, the bulk of his estate went to my brother, the eldest child. That included the big freezer, the blue cooler, and most of his jewelry.

2. I only got a few clothing items that actually still fit today, most of his computer equipment, and his social security benefits and a good chunk of his Veterans benefits. Actually the amount went up when his death was known.

3. If my mother passes on, my brother still got the bulk of her estate. Because there wouldn’t be anyone to help me here in Texas, I would probably move closer to my family in Georgia. Being unable to drive or pay for the upkeep of my mother’s house, it was only right that the eldest receive it. But the renter should be able to pass the panel of three, credit, criminal, and employment checks.

When my aunt passed in 2013, there was a big squabble over her property in the Florida condo. Apparently, there were promises made but there was nothing stated in the will, if there was one. A will lets people know the deceased person’s wishes. If the promise wasn’t placed in the will, one shouldn’t expect to receive it. Now that #Bobbi Kristina was on life support, it was unclear whether there was a will. She is only 21.