The Angel Food Network: Alternatives were still in development

The Angel Food Network: Alternatives were still in development


This really disturbs me. The one thing counted on by me and people in 39 other states have been discontinued. The founders of The Angel Food Network were disgraced when they were forced to close in 2011 because of criminal activity.

Somehow, the operators were using the non-profit organization to make a profit off of its partners in 40 states, which were helping people in need. The worst part about this was that a lot of these partnerships were with other churches. I was referred by a member who used the service from my church. They gave me enough food to survive almost a month with a big box. The only thing they didn’t offer was bread and eggs. There was plenty of meat, canned goods, and freezer items. So far, there haven’t been any bananas offered. With the latest danger of fungi, they can’t sit after ripening. Fresh pears, apples, limes and a big watermelon were available.

Both the founder, his son and his wife were to face criminal charges for skimming millions for personal use. Whatever happened to “Thou shall not steal?” What about Wanting others’ belongings? Greed was one of the Seven Deadly Sins also. In the last days, mankind will be lovers of themselves. Lately, there have been a lot of shootings (murder) and people stealing. I remember the break in at my apartment last month. Whoever was watching my movements wanted that router/modem power cord.

To me, seven years in prison for father and son weren’t enough. I shouldn’t scoff at this because I am not the judge or jury. They also got a $15,000 fine and had to give up almost $3.9 million. The crime wasn’t the only bad thing that had occurred. When this network officially closed its doors in September 2011, a lot of volunteers were turned away with the needy who depended on this organization. There are alternatives available, but their reach is not as widespread as AFN. They were still developing. One had no distribution centers within 50 miles of me.

This was very sad.