The bank robber’s stupid move

The bank robber’s stupid move


Well, here was another stupid stunt by people who did wrong by robbing a bank and posting selfies of themselves with the money on Facebook. Sheesh! How dumb can people get? Vanity wasn’t only a woman’s problem. The internet was a growing force in the pursuit and capture of criminals.

Thanks to these social media pictures, these alleged bank robbers were caught. Not only was stealing money wrong, boasting about it by posting a selfie was asking for major trouble. It ranked right up there with antagonizing the police with an open letter about their crime sent to the station. Frankly, this blogger was glad they were captured with the uploading of those photos. It served them right for gloating about  doing bad things.

With all the talk about internet privacy and how to scramble the tracking function on one’s phone to protect oneself, this blogger wondered if they got caught leaving that tracking device on using their phones, tablets, or computers? There was also Do not track‘ box in the settings function on Google Chrome.

My guess was, because of this crime, their FB account should be removed and they should get jail time.This depended on how much money was taken.