‘Too Good To Go’ a great idea from the UK

‘Too Good To Go’ a great idea from the UK


I wonder what would happen if restaurants in the United States started offering discounted food they would otherwise throw away to customers like the United Kingdom is doing with Too Good To Go? According to the article, this was to eliminate waste at the end of the day, when perfectly edible unsold food is discarded. It served other purposes also.

I mean, eating out got expensive. One of my mother’s neighbors didn’t cook at home any more. Of course a lot of restaurants offer senior discounts in addition to their dollar menu items. I make my own pizza to avoid having to pay and tip upon delivery. It did add up. Most of the time splurging on a Dominoes Sub sandwich a pasta dish and a 20 ounce Coke was all I wanted. One had a to have a minimum order of $10. I remember when a number 3, a Quarter Pounder with cheese, large fries and a medium Cole at McDonald’s, was just under $5.

It was hard to determine whether the discounted food thrown away by restaurants would be allowed for resale because the food must pass stringent safety guidelines in the United States. This wasn’t the case with Too Good to Go, who found a way around this obstacle. People logged in,chose their food, and paid, via an app. Most of the U.S. restaurants had this option, but not all of them delivered. It was mandatory that all uneaten food had to be discarded at the end of the day, for safety reasons.

The local supermarkets do their part to feed the needy, mostly through major fundraisers. Some even gave fresh produce to the food bank. One can Google for a list of churches to find distribution centers or dial 211. The local Boys and Girls Clubs got their snack foods from there before building cafes to get food. A whole bunch of other United Way agencies get relief from there too.

US restaurants count the large amount dumped food at day’s end as a low priority. Roughly 10% of food or three cents on the dollar, ended up in the trash. That amounted to a half ton of food a day for Americans The UK,wasted 600.000 tons of food each year. The UK found a way to take the food that got thrown out and not only sell it at a discount but give it to those in need. If they had a program like this in the U.S., a lot of people wouldn’t go hungry. Until the obstacle was removed from the U.S., waste will continue.