Travel: Weekend getaways not to miss

Travel: Weekend getaways not to miss


Need a choice of  weekend getaways? Spring break not long enough? Well, now the solution has been just a phone call away. My sister had an unfair advantage doing this, her boyfriend took her to Miami Beach for her birthday. Of course, I begged her to send pictures of the area in South Miami. The ones she sent to me on her phone made me wish I were an artist with a sketch pad. Below were my choices.

One of the greatest day trips taken by me with my church group was the trip to Clark Gardens in Mineral Wells. The site itself said it was a great place to watch birds and have weddings. Our group went to explore the garden. The owner’s wife was confined to a nursing home back then and he used a golf cart to move around the vast acreage of various flowers. It was a great place to have a picnic, which we did. I enjoyed the various colored roses. One might need more than a day to see it all. It wasn’t anything like the Botanical Gardens found in Okinawa, Japan, but it was peaceful.

If one couldn’t get to Hawaii or Naples for their weekend getaway, there were other places to go in the United States. My Visit to Savannah, Georgia in 1998 was still fresh on my mind. My brother took me to Tybee Beach and Fort Pulaski during my two week visit. They were giving historical tours with people dressed in period costumes right on the battlefield, but my brother was better at it.

Sadly, I missed the Girl Scout House. I never made it past Brownies anyway. This place was not listed on’s The 12 Best Relaxing Getaways in the USA, but it should be, like South Beach in Miami. The nicest thing about visiting places like the above were that there was always family to visit. While in Miami, my sister’s boyfriend saw his brother and they were to both visiting his sister. My visit included one in Palm Coast, Florida to see two aunts and an uncle. One of the aunts would have clobbered me for not visiting and being so close.

If going to Naples, Martha’s Vineyard, or Palm Springs weren’t for the traveler, try the above choices. One was sure to have fun.