Trump ignores backlash over Khizr Khan speeches

Trump ignores backlash over Khizr Khan speeches


As usual, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is in the news again. This time, for his comments against the parents of fallen Muslim U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan. When will Trump listen? Everyone else on both sides of the issue think Donald Trump went too far with his attacks against this fallen hero. Khizr Khan was right the first time, “You have sacrificed nothing!”

Trump foot in mouth

One of the many reasons why this blogger does not like Donald Trump is because of his fear campaign against Muslims and other minority groups especially women. I don’t care for the attitude about the military, especially veterans. My father, brother, and other family members served in the Armed Forces, which I am thankful for. Donald Trump is unfit for military serviceand shouldn’t be leading our country. What really got my back up was his tweet, “Hillary voted for the Iraq war, not me!” And yet he didn’t want to become a part of the debt in Puerto Rico. He is already part of a problem much bigger than that.

When he spoke against the family of Khizr Khan,particularly his wife, it started a domino effectin the media. A lot of my friends, usually Republicans, had to agree that Trump had ‘hoof in mouth’ disease. His toes went in first every time his mouth opened in front of a camera and a microphone. He does it to himself. The problem is he takes the entire Republican party with him. Mitt Romney did the same thing in 2012.

If this is how he handles things the echo “God help us” won’t be the only thing uttered from Capitol Hill. I mean, the live Town Hall Meeting video was all about him. In reading some of the comments, it made me wonder why the Dump Trump campaign failed. No one in their right mind would elect this ‘candidate for change’ His distaste for Muslims had me worried. He didn’t seem to hear anything except the sound of his own voice. He is arrogant. All his wrong doing gets swept under the rug while Hillary Clinton gets bashed for her mistakes—at least she recognizes there are problems. It will take more than one to fix it all.

What will it take to reprimand Donald Trump for his public behavior? He did have a dark soul. As for the uproar over his latest speech, Khizr Khan would get a handshake and a hug from me too.


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