Urination at the Kellogg’s plant was disgraceful, unethical and gross

Urination at the Kellogg’s plant was disgraceful, unethical and gross


The person responsible for urinating in a Kellogg’s plant assembly line should be prosecuted for health code violations, This video was shot two years ago, but the identity of the one on camera still remained unidentified. Frankly, this Kellog’s employee deserved to be fired and arrested.

At least the Kellogg’s company apologized, being taken aback and appalled over the incident. Apparently, this supposedly affected the cereal, the treats and puffed rice cake products. At least they were expired by now. Thank goodness this blogger did not eat cold cereal. It made me sick to hear and watch this video even though the anchorwoman warned me.

What possessed anyone into doing something so stupid? Why did it take so long for the video to emerge on social media? To me, this was disgraceful, unethical, and downright gross. At least the authorities were looking into filing criminal charges against this person or people responsible. Even though my knowledge of health code violations was lacking,  There were a few in the crime report from the Kellogg’s Tennessee plant, according to one news article.

If they did this to be humorous, they missed the mark on that. People who urinate in alcoholic drinks and carbonated drinks and had people drink them for laughs were not any friend of anyone. Suppose someone got sick from eating the products that had urine in them? It sure made people in the video want to upchuck. It sure made my stomach lurch to see and hear it myself.

This reminded me of the Taco shell eater that posted on Facebook last year. He was wearing the  restaurant uniform and pretending to eat taco shells in the picture. Later they were said to have been expired. Not only did the company apologize in an online statement, that employee was terminated. He deserved it. The Kellogg’s plant worker should be barred from working around food.