Was the Apple Watch marketed to the wrong crowd?

Was the Apple Watch marketed to the wrong crowd?


With consumers learning to use technology like the iPhone and the iPad it’s a wonder that people were skeptical about the Apple watch making its debut on the market April 24, especially something with a large price tag to it like Microsoft’s hololens .

In spite of the yawn from things like the iPhone, people were turning to smart phones like those from Samsung. A lot of my friends were still using the Galaxy SIII instead of buying the updated versions out now. As for the iPad, well, other tablets were seen by me at church in the place of Bibles, my pastor uses one during his Sunday sermons. Having two Bible apps on my phone were convenient too.

Even people on the runway in Paris didn’t respond to the newest high tech watch, which could enable the wearer to surf the ‘net, receive phone calls, etc. With the exception of monitoring the heart rate blood pressure and number of steps to burn a few calories, what purpose did this watch serve? A lot of its computer functions could‘ve been done by tablet, phone, or computer. At least the multi-colored dress had a function on the runway.

It’s almost like the operating system Microsoft 8.1. Previous versions of Windows operating systems weren’t totally dead yet in spite of support for Windows XP having ended last year. With Windows 10 debuting this summer, it was a wonder what the rush was anyway? Not everyone was eager to upgrade to Windows 7 or had the funds to buy a new computer.  Luckily for me, my computer malady was as a result of upgrades from the MS site or a renegade third-party. When CDs and DVDs came out, not everyone tossed or sold their VHS, cassette tapes, or vinyl records. As music and movies became digital, CD’s, and DVDs didn’t totally die either. Who would’ve purchased a hololens with a starting price tag of $10,000? This watch was doomed to suffer the same fate. They were better off sold to studios like Lucas Films or the like.

The only reason why handling difficulties were easier on the older computers was because it happened so often back then. For instance, my knowing how to reset the modem/router combo received from the cable company last year didn’t mean I was smart enough to fix my current situation. Certain browsers butt heads with the preferred browser, Google Chrome. Removing these browser protect programs enabled me to surf the web on the other laptop with Windows XP. The updated musical program wouldn’t work on my old laptop, but it thrived on Windows 7.

Hoping the Apple watch would get sales as an accessory on the runway didn’t turn out too well. It might have done better in a different setting that highlighted the latest in computer gadgets.