Wendy’s changes their famous burger

Wendy’s changes their famous burger


Wendy’s was going to change some aspects of their hamburger. This “Gold Burger” was to boost slipping sales at the more than 6000 restaurants and keep up with the competition and fight the stalled economy.

Don’t worry though, it looked to me like the changes were small. For instance, they spent more than two years agonizing over how to change what color, onions to use or whether there should be crinkled pickles on the revamped burger. The size of the beef patty was to remain the same, so was the bun, which was buttered like Dave Thomas wanted from the start.

Their food was always good to me. My favorite menu item wasn’t even the Wendy’s burger, even though my last one was eaten in high school. It was the Chicken-Bacon Ranch Flatbread Sandwich eaten by me in May of 2013 after getting my Samsung Galaxy SIII cell phone.

McDonald’s was a big enough competition for Wendy’s, being a lot larger, but on the flip side, they had new competition from Five Guys. Both McDonald’s and Burger King have redone their menus too, so competition was fierce in the burger wars. One thing missing from the Kids Menu at McDonald’s was soda. With most of the fast food restaurants implementing healthier choices, there was a whole new untapped market.

Similar changes were made to reinforce the healthy lifestyle at Burger King too. One major change was getting rid of the thirty year old ‘King‘, meant to bring teens into the fold. Now, Mom was the target. No one in my family would eat at Burger King because the only one in my area was a good way from the house. By the time the food was brought home, the fries and the Burger were cold. Instead of seeing the flamed broiled burger being cooked, people would hear the slicing and dicing of lettuce, tomato and onion.

Will Wendy’s Gold Burger be a hit or flop? Only time will tell.